Lunar Videos

These are a collection of some of my education videos related to the Moon and some general scientific topics. They are brief and informative and hopefully entertaining!

In the Index Table below you can put in a search term for a general area of interest (e.g. Lunar Exploration) or a specific term (e.g. Lunar Eclipses) and all related videos will be listed. Just click the video title to go to that video – Enjoy!

Subject AreaVideo TitleLength
Lunar Notebook: The Tides00:02:01
Lunar MovementsPartial Solar Eclipse00:02:49
Other Solar SystemHubble Looks Back 13 Billion Years00:01:00
Other Solar SystemExplaining The Spring Equinox00:02:18
Lunar MovementsNovember 2021 Partial Lunar Eclipse00:01:00
Lunar ExplorationThe Lunar Dozen00:01:23
Lunar ExplorationApollo 11: The Saturn V Rocket00:07:50
Other Solar SystemThe Big Bang To You00:01:18
Lunar ExplorationApollo 11: Rocket Men00:09:42
Lunar HistoryWhen The Earth Had Two Moons00:02:42
Lunar MovementsAn Introduction To Eclipses (Lecture)00:28:07
Other Solar SystemExplaining The Winter Solstice00:02:50
Other Solar SystemThe Planet Hunter00:01:19
Other Solar SystemThe Planet Mars00:01:21
Lunar ObservationMeasuring Distances00:03:21
Lunar ObservationGuide To Buying A Starter Telescope00:07:54
Other Solar SystemThe Orionids Meteor Shower00:01:18
Other Solar SystemWhy Is The Sky Blue?00:01:18
Lunar GeneralAn Introduction To The Moon (Lecture to the IAA)00:53:06
Lunar MovementsExplaining Lunar Eclipses00:01:20
Other Solar SystemThe Spring Equinox Explained00:01:20
Lunar ObservationA Supermoon00:01:18
Lunar MovementsReal Time Movement Of The Moon00:00:20
Lunar ObservationThe Naked Eye Moon00:05:03
Lunar MovementsApogee & Perigee00:00:46
Lunar Physical FeaturesThe Moon vs The Solar System00:01:00
Lunar Physical FeaturesThe Moon vs The Earth00:01:25

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Lunar Videos

The Moon Vs The Earth

The Moon Vs The Solar System

Apogee & Perigee

Spring Equinox Explained

The Naked-Eye Moon

Real-Time Movement of The Moon

A Supermoon

Explaining Lunar Eclipses

An Introduction To The Moon

Why Is The Sky Blue?

The Orionids Meteor Shower

Guide To Buying A Starter Telescope

Measuring Distances

The Big Bang To You

The Planet Mars

The Planet Hunter

Explaining The Winter Solstice

An Introduction To Eclipses

When The Earth Had Two Moons

Apollo 11: Rocket Men

Apollo 11: The Saturn V Rocket

The Lunar Dozen

November 2021 Partial Lunar Eclipse

Explaining The Spring Equinox

Hubble Looks Back 13 Billion Years

Partial Solar Eclipse – 25.10.22 Notebook: The Tides