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Paths of Sun & Moon Sep. 26. 2023


Welcome to, a one stop shop for all things lunar. As the human race is planning a return to the Moon, now is a great time to familiarise yourself with our nearest neighbour. As part of a nation wide Science Foundation Ireland drive to bring science to the public, this outreach website is packed with information and entertaining activities all based on our Moon and all for you, for free – Enjoy and I wish you clear skies.

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Discussing Planets With Threemilehouse School

I had a very enjoyable day with a number of the classes in St. Mary’s National School in Threemilehouse Co. Monaghan discussing all aspects of the Solar System. And some of the students were very kind to give me feedback:

One of many things that we like about the space talk was how enthusiast Dr O Driscoll was. Right from the start he caught people’s attention. When he was making the talk, it felt like you were in space. Some of the stuff he brought was very cool. I loved the rotating planets, binoculars & the telescope. One thing that caught my eye was when someone would answer a question even if they got it wrong, he wouldn’t put them down. He would help the person change it. I was going to write some cons about the talk but when I thought back I couldn’t think of any. Thank you – Dáire Ward

Today I’ll leave an honest review about the space presentation. I liked the way when someone asked a question he would say you could be right. The way he demonstrated the distance between the earth and the moon. He expressed passion when answering questions & explaining. He put some effort on the rocket on google earth. His homemade versions of the planets were well made while not being painted it gave you a good representation. Overall, I think Dr O Driscoll put a sheer amount of effort in. Nathan Mc Entee

Establishment of A Lunar Observatory Group

was delighted to be invited by the Irish Astronomical Society to coordinate the establishment of the Lunar Observation Group (LOG). As part of our program of activities we are launching ‘Moonlight’, the newsletter of LOG. You can download your free copy here and I hope to hear from you. The IAS is always looking for new members and it is great to have access to their expertise and equipment. If you would like to develop your interest in astronomy please do contact the IAS or any local Astronomy club. – I wish you clear skies.

Your Monthly Lunar News Letter ‘Moonlight’

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