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A Great National Astronomy Week

Thanks to all those who tuned into my Webinar on the Moon on Friday and indeed those who attended my talks in Wexford town and Bunclody during National Astronomy Week. It was great to see such interest in science and astronomy. I hope many of you keep up the interest and my website is here to help fuel that interest. I wish you clear skys. (Click on image to enlarge)

Paths of Sun & Moon Mar.28. 2023

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Welcome to, a one stop shop for all things lunar. As the human race is planning a return to the Moon, now is a great time to familiarise yourself with our nearest neighbour. As part of a nation wide Science Foundation Ireland drive to bring science to the public, this outreach website is packed with information and entertaining activities all based on our Moon and all for you, for free – Enjoy and I wish you clear skies.

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Artemis I: Podcast Updates On Our Mission To Return To The Moon

Episode #14 – Mission Completed

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Establishment of A Lunar Observatory Group

I was delighted to be invited by the Irish Astronomical Society to coordinate the establishment of the Lunar Observation Group (LOG). As part of our program of activities we are launching ‘Moonlight’, the newsletter of LOG. You can download your free copy here and I hope to hear from you. The IAS is always looking for new members and it is great to have access to their expertise and equipment. If you would like to develop your interest in astronomy please do contact the IAS or any local Astronomy club. – I wish you clear skies.

Your Monthly Lunar News Letter ‘Moon Shine’

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March Highlights

Lunar Events in March 2023

March Full Moon Lunar Name

Sun Rise and Sun Set Throughout March 2023

Daylight hours during February -(Click to enlarge)

The Earth vs The Moon

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Explaining The Spring Equinox

Hubble Looks back 13 Billion Years!


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