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Sun & Moon Paths In The Sky January 09 2022

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Cover Story!

Delighted and honoured that my images of the recent partial lunar eclipse feature on the cover of the Irish Astronomical Society’s quarterly journal!

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See the explanation video the Winter Solstice below

Welcome to, a one stop shop for all things lunar. As the human race is planning a return to the Moon, now is a great time to familiarise yourself with our nearest neighbour. As part of a nation wide Science Foundation Ireland drive to bring science to the public, this outreach website is packed with information and entertaining activities all based on our Moon and all for you, for free – Enjoy and I wish you clear skies.

Dublin as a capital city and Ireland as an innovative country with a long and proud history in scientific developments is long overdue a National educational science centre and planetarium. I have been to such facilities in many cities around the world and the excitement and motivation on the faces of young and old alike who visit them is plain to see and the benefits to society in terms of young students becoming interested in science as a career and in the general public engaging and understanding science are immense. We need such a centre now more than ever. The Irish government have plans to build a National Children’s Science Centre in Dublin. The plans have suffered delays in recent years and are in danger of being shelved or cancelled. We cannot let this happen – Please show your support for the NCSC by going to the NCSC’s website. I for one can’t wait!!

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January ’22 Lunar Phases

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What’s In A Name? January’s Moon

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The Earth vs The Moon – The Numbers

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