I am still on a steep learning curve re astrophotography. Using the equipment in the figure below I have started to file my observation reports here – This is very much a work in progress. All tips and advise gladly accepted.

My image capture set-up

My Observation Reports – Click on images to enlarge

[Partial Solar Eclipse] 25.10.22 (8×20 Binoculars + iPhone)

The partial solar eclipse was disrupted by clouds (what’s new?) I just managed to get this shot about 60 seconds after the maximum of the event when the Moon covered about 10% of the Sun’s face. See for more detail. And for more information.

Click photo to enlarge

[Jupiter / Saturn / Dumbbell Nebula (M27)] 07.08.22 (Stellina)

[NGC 5907 Knife Edge Galaxy] 21.06.22 (Stellina)

[M51: Whirlpool Galaxy] 22.03.22 (Stellina)

M51 (181 exp)

[Day 3 Moon & M51: Whirlpool Galaxy] 05.03.22 (Stellina)

[Day 5 Moon] 06.02.22 (Stellina)

[Day 10.5 Moon and M42 (Orion Nebula)] 12.01.22 (Stellina)

Day 10.5 Moon
M42 – Orion Nebula

[Day 9 Moon] 11.01.22 (Stellina)

The red dot indicates the landing site of Apollo 11 in 1969.

[Deep Sky Objects & Uranus] 05.01.22 (Stellina)

[Day 22 Moon] 25.11.21(Celestron 5SE)

[Day17 Moon] 20.11.21(Celestron 5SE)

[Partial Lunar Eclipse] 19.11.2021(Celestron 5SE)

Early rise to see the partial Lunar Eclipse. The show was only starting as the Moon was setting but we got an early glimpse. You can see how the Earth’s shadow is beginning to cross the Moon.

[DAY 11 MOON] 14.11.2021(Celestron 5SE)

[Smart Phone – Full Moon] 20.10.2021

Camera phones are getting more and more powerful and although I am a dedicated iPhone user, one does have to admire Samsung technology. My nephew-in-law Day Thomas took this excellent image of the October full Moon (20/10/21) over the skies of Liverpool using only his Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Well done Day for showing that all you need is a clear night sky to enjoy and capture the wonders of our Moon!

[Sun Spots] 28.08.2021(Celestron 5SE)

Here I use a solar filter on my 5” scope. NEVER look at the Sun directly unless you have a proper safety filter. Sun spots, which indicate how active the solar surface is are beginning to appear in good numbers ( see red circles marking the sun spots on my image). The graph shows that we are coming out of a period of low activity. Every 11 years the Sun cycles from low to high back to low activity. You can also see how massive the spots are compared to the size of the Earth.

[Partial Solar Eclipse] 10.09.2021(Celestron 5SE)

Various phases taken throughout 2021(Celestron 5SE)

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