School Packs


The following ‘School packs’ are designed to act as support material to science lessons which include the Moon as a subject. It is hoped that the packs will be of benefit to all age groups and even adults who may know very little of the Moon. All material here is free to view and download. If any material is used on other sites I would simply request that credit is given to – Otherwise, please use as you see fit. This is an outreach initiative designed to promote interest and participation in the sciences. is dedicated to the promotion of science education. All resources including on-line teaching materials and in-class / zoom presentations are offered free-of-charge. Click here to see a sample zoom class presented to the Monaghan special Olympics team.

What The Packs Include

  • A 30 min class presentation. The slides can also be downloaded as a pdf
  • A downloadable ‘Information Sheet‘ summarising some of the information in the presentation
  • An ‘Activity Sheet‘ connected with to the presentation which can be downloaded and filled in
  • Other brief associated information videos
  • A fun quiz to test what you have learned from the presentation

Your Feedback

In the coming weeks and months I will add to the initial pack with topics such as ‘Explaining Eclipses’, ‘How The Moon Affects The Earth’, ‘Apollo and Other Past Missions To The Moon’ and ‘Artemis And Other Future Missions To The Moon’. I would greatly appreciate any feedback from both students and teachers. These packs are designed to engage with you so if something is working. let me know about it and even more importantly, if it isn’t, please let me know. Click HERE to give feedback.

The Packs!