Artemis – Return To The Moon

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# 0724-09-22Storm WatchersPodcast VideoAlthough the SLS is now ready for blast off, an approaching tropical storm could yet prevent the launch!
# 0612-Sep-22Repairs & WaversPodcast VideoNASA are trying everything to launch the SLS before the end of the month
# 0509-Sep-22Recycling The OldPodcast VideoThe New NASA SLS Rocket is basically a recycling of the old Shuttle rockets - Was this a false economy?
# 0404-Sep-22Strike TwoPodcast VideoNASA have abandoned launching the SLS for now. The disappointment and frustration is palpable. They are right to be cautious but sometimes you wonder if a project of this magnitude is beyond the ability of a state agency and should companies like Space X have more involvement in the overall plan.
# 0331-Aug-22Faulty SensorPodcast VideoScrubbing the Artemis launch may have been due to a faulty sensor
# 0229-Aug-22Strike OnePodcast VideoIt was a very disappointing day with the Artemis launch being delayed until at least this Friday, September 02.
# 0129-Aug-22Launch DayPodcast VideoArtemis I Mission launches today Monday August 29th. This is one of the most significant scientific and social events of the 21st Century so far. This goes beyond simple space travel, the Artemis project represents one of the largest international collaborations in peace time with the objective of returning us to the Moon, setting up a permanent base and traveling on to Mars. The next 10 years will see some of the most exciting and important of human endeavours. To keep up with it all I will be broadcasting daily updates (3 min or less) which will be a one-stop-shop for all things Artemis!!
An Overview of Artemis from Launch to Splashdown

Airbus wins ESA studies for future human base in lunar orbit