Where Art And Astronomy Meet The Open Road

An outdoor exhibition featuring astronomy photographs will hang at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) at 10 Burlington Road, Dublin for the month of July2021. They have been selected from the entries to DIAS’s Reach for the Stars astrophotography competition, which took place earlier this year. The exhibition  can be viewed on the railings outside the DIAS building. Shooting stars, night-sky landscape scenes, supermoons and a variety of other astronomical scenes feature in the exhibition.

This is one to see in person. There is something just right in viewing astrophotography images in the open. It’s hard to explain but you seem to engage better with images of space in open space. And every image is stunning. Even though the deep space images are spectacular and top notch quality, it’s the landscape images with the sky backdrops that are just breath taking. Seeing some of these images makes you long for the next clear dark sky. Sometimes it takes a well taken image that might be a long exposure shot or a multiple exposure image to enhance the majestic gallery that is the night sky and make you appreciate how dynamic the universe is. And you can see all this for free, just by walking down an open road and admire the artful science that is Astrophotography. Go on, treat yourself.

Below is a Gallery of the photos

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