Ireland’s First Satellite

EIRSAT-1 is the Educational Irish Research Satellite 1. A team of students in University College Dublin and academic staff is designing, building and will operate Ireland’s first satellite. It is a 2U CubeSat being developed as part of the European Space Agency’s Fly Your Satellite programme. `The EIRSAT-1 project is carried out with the support of the Education Office of the European Space Agency, under the educational Fly your Satellite! Programme.

I have had the pleasure of meeting a number of the members of the EIRSAT-1 team and listening to presentations on the project. This is such an exciting story of how Irish science and astronomy is continuing to break new ground, continuing a great tradition that goes back many centuries! I can’t wait to see this fantastic project launched, allowing Ireland to join the club of nations that have placed their technology in space.

For more information go to the EIRSAT-1 site

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