Spreading The Science!

The Lunar Observation Group of the Irish Astronomical Society held its first Kerbside Astronomy event on Sunday July 10th in Sandymount, Dublin. Despite a bright summer evening sky, observers were able to admire an 80% lit Moon. Local people as well as visitors from Germany and Brazil, all stopped for a chat and a view.

Events like this, for me are the highlight of what it is to be involved in astronomy. It is sometimes very difficult to engage with people when it comes to science and as a result, the joy and clarity that science can bring is lost. Today more than ever with the rise in anti-vaccers, climate change deniers, flat-earthers and the rest of the illogical brigade, it is important that we in the science community get out there and discuss science in a meaningful, interesting and informative way. The only way, not the best way but the only way to counteract bad science is not by debating it as that only gives it air and legitimacy but by ignoring it and instead, getting out there and delivering good science. And there is no more joyful and effective way to do that then being out in public spaces and discussing the skies above with telescopes to hand!

Watch out for our next event dates!

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